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"In the past, Acey gave players unique colored titles as part of their names. Every player had an equal chance to receive one, they'd just have to do something notable that caught her eye. I think it's a neat way to recognize outstanding community members and think it would be cool to bring them back."

Honorifics were special titles granted by Eris, and later members of her Priesthood, in recognition of certain actions and various feats. Unlike ranks they awarded no additional privileges to residents.

They were primarily awarded in the Second Era, though some given honorifics lasted into the Third Era before being purged from existence.

The practice was revived during the late Fifth Era after lobbying from Terry and continued by the Hegemon Retro and historian Tox.

Known Honorifics

Matto: You should give Wiz "TheHellBoy"
Matto: 'cause he dies so much
Acey: nahh
Acey: once he hits 1000 deaths
Acey: I'm gonna give him GrimsBestFriend
Matto and Acey discuss honorifics

Picture Name Title Given By Duration Notes
Claciusface.png Claciusvile TheFirst Acey 1st Era He was the first mortal to arrive in Dragonhollow
Maccaface.png MaccaMan GoddessSlayer Acey 1st Era Dealt killing blow in the first Goddess Challenge
Azuface.png Azureila TrickedAndDied Acey 1st Era First to die from Trick-or-Treat
Ajface.png AJ TheWarden Acey 1st Era Warden of Brookcastle Prison
Jackface.png Jack Firebane TheLoremaster Acey 1st Era Served as Loremaster
Smittenface.png Smitten TheKitten Acey 1st Era
2nd Era
Toxface.png Tox MrDirtMan Acey 1st Era
2nd Era
Traded dirt for diamonds to build Blackrose
Matiface.png Matioshka TheGraciousOne Acey 1st Era
2nd Era
Respectfully accepted results of a forum vote that went against him
Ajface.png AJ DickButt Acey 2nd Era dickbutt
Azuface.png Azureila TheRager Acey 2nd Era Sarcastically awarded after her murderer accused her of raging
Bloodface.png Bloodwrath Rival Acey 2nd Era
Eliteface.png E1ite TheNinja Acey 2nd Era For his deadly ambushes
Jackface.png Jack Firebane TheReaper Acey 2nd Era “Jack the Reaper” geddit
Kastface.png Kast TheSnowballah Acey 2nd Era Because he enjoyed attacking people with Super Snowballs
Klutzmacherface.png KlutzMacher AJ'sBitch Acey 2nd Era lol
Maazface.png Maaz TheHermit Acey 2nd Era A solitary title for a solitary man
Maccaface.png MaccaMan TheBigM Acey 2nd Era the big M, macca's, McDonald's, etc.
Ozface.png Ozven jester-ific Acey 2nd Era Referencing one of his many aliases
Kimface.png Kimarastraz TheBadWolf Acey 2nd Era oh she bad
Piface.png Pi TheArcher Acey 2nd Era Skill as a bowman
Terryface.png Terry TheScribe Acey 2nd Era Served as Scribe for the Brotherhood of Steel
Wizface.png Wiz Grim'sBestFriend Acey 2nd Era The first to die a thousand times in a single era
Zhorface.png Zhortew TheMiner Acey 2nd Era A peerless miner
Alarrickface.png Alarrick TheLoreMaster Acey 2nd Era
3rd Era
Served as Loremaster
Ajface.png AJ TheArchitect Acey 2nd Era
3rd Era
Became the first Architect of Eris
Azuface.png Azureila HeadCM Acey 2nd Era
3rd Era
Replaced Jack Firebane as Archpriest
Jackface.png Jack Firebane TheResearcher Acey 2nd Era
3rd Era
As chief advisor to Eris
Toxface.png Tox TheCollector Acey 2nd Era
3rd Era
Due to his Lakeview Museum and Woodlands Museum
Bloodface.png Bloodwrath BestBuilder2014 Acey 3rd Era Victor of the Northlands Best Build Contest
Nutface.png Nut BestBuilder2015 HyperSilence 5th Era Victor of the Summerlands Best Build Contest
Burgerface.png BurgerDaddy Roadmaster Acey 5th Era Where we're going, we don't need—*checks notes* hmm actually turns out we do need roads
Hyperface.png HyperSilence DHBabySitter Acey 5th Era
7th Era
In his role as Archpriest
Retroface.png Retro DHMonkey Acey 5th Era
7th Era
As Telchine
Jinxface.png Jinx VulturousScavenger Acey 5th Era
7th Era
For her reputation as a thief and claim-raider
Dapface.png Dap ShotHimself Acey 5th Era
7th Era
what do you think
Tobyface.png Tohbeh LuckyBastard Acey 6th Era
7th Era
First to find diamond in Hallowmere despite arriving late
0uttaface.png 0uttaTime SnapDawgTitler Retro 6th Era
7th Era
"can i have a snoop dogg titler?"
Toxface.png Tox TheHistorian Retro 6th Era
7th Era
For his work with DHS and Dragonomicon
Alecface.png Alec Kingpin Tox 7th Era Victor of a series of duels against Biscuit with the king kit at Marshacre Arena
Maccaface.png MaccaMan BestBuilder2017 Retro 7th Era Victor of the Hallowmere Best Build Contest
Zenface.png Zen Borker Retro 7th Era He borked one too many times