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The Hedge Maze Guide was a book written by Matto during Dragonhollow's Second Era.

It contained instructions for the quickest path to competing the First Hedge Maze, providing relief for those who died of starvation trying to find their way to the end and collect their pitiful x10 tokens.

To avoid punishment from Eris and her Priesthood, Matto distributed it in secret on the black market. Like most of his offerings, the book was free.

Tox reprinted it in the Third Era and gave several copies to friends and trusted allies. It became obsolete when Eris replaced the maze with the far easier Second Hedge Maze.


Second Era

  • Upon request from Matto
  • Woodlands Museum

Third Era

  • Deep Thought

Fifth Era—Present

  • Memoriam on Mnemosyne

Eighth Era


This book will guide you to the end of the hedge maze. From the start of the maze...

1. Take the far right path

2. Take a left, there will be a dead end in front of you and a path to the right

3. After taking a right at the dead end, there is a long hallway.

4. Down this path, you will observe a dead end on the left, ignore and continue down the path until you reach a hall with two paths on the right. Take the first you come to.

5. Shortly, you will see a dead end in front and a path to the right, continue down it.

6. Ignore the two paths to your left and take the path on the right at the end of the hall

7. The path will eventually branch at the end of the hall. Go right.

8. Again there will be a branch at the end of a hall. Go right again.

9. Ignore the path that comes up on your left and head right at the end of the hall.

10. Another fork in the road. Head right.

11. One more fork. To the right you will see a dead end, so go left.

12. You will come across, you guessed it, a fork. Go left again.

13. Just like before, ignore the path on the left and go to the right at the end of the hall.

14. A path will split off on your right. Take it.

15. You should now be at the end. Yay!

...but was it fun?