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"Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly go home because you forgot something? Now you can with a hearthstone! The hearthstone is a enchanted item that allows you to save a location as an anchor that you can teleport back to."

The Hearthstone was a reusable device that permitted Dragonhollow residents to teleport across vast distances.

A right-click allowed the user to save the exact location they were standing at a cost of 2 XP levels while a left-click would teleport them instantly to the location they saved at a cost of 5 XP levels. It was crafted by smelting a piece of flint in a furnace, which was said to "absorb magic essences into the stone."

Hearthstones were designed by Eris in the Fourth Era as part of her phasing out of many magic words and as such became a replacement for speaking "home" aloud.

Only a single destination could be saved at a time by each resident; multiple hearthstones all led to the same place.

Because the data imprinted upon hearthstones were unique to the crafter, they did not drop upon death. Nevertheless, they were not considered to be soulbound because others could use any hearthstone in the world to teleport to their saved location even if they did not craft it, meaning they could be freely gifted, traded, and looted.

The hearthstone's tooltip

Unlike the older "home" magic word, the hearthstone did not search for the nearest safe location when transporting its user, making it important for the destination to be safe as traps and ambushes could be set by enemies. Mason was killed when his foes in the Mason Mob tricked him into saving a hearthstone location outside of his claim and then exploding it with TNT.

While most set their hearthstone location to their homes, others used it as a quick travel point. Jrod outsmarted Hyperion by convincing them not to kill him after he infiltrated their Murica base, but secretly used his hearthstone within their walls and teleported back later to kill Tox and acquire Toxic Death.

Acey published a manual regarding hearthstones entitled About Hearthstones.

Many residents found it all too easy to accidentally set their hearthstone location when trying to teleport to it and vice versa. This phenomenon was played to comedic effect in the book Everfroze: Or How the Heck Tox Found Snowcrest.

The hearthstone was an essential part of the Starter Kit through the Seventh Era.

In later years, Grim gave the option upon death to return from Grim's Lantern to their hearth at the cost of 100 claimblocks and at half health, though sometimes they would be on fire and had only seconds to douse themselves or die yet again.

The Elite Control Panel offered those who purchased Elite Status a discount on the use of their hearthstone; setting a location cost just 1 XP, while going there cost 3 XP.

The hearthstone did not work inside Brookcastle Prison

Some areas were protected by magical seals that interfered with hearthstones and prevented them from being used, including Tartaros and Brookcastle Prison.

Dolphin discovered that hearthstones could be used within the Dragon Temple, leading him to set a teleport location at the end so that he could collect the prize each day without having to complete the entire parkour, allowing him to amass a fortune in tokens. Separately, Jrod figured out the same technique with his hearthstone and acquired a thousand tokens which he spent at the Snowcrest Token Underground.

The Bearcote Expeditions prohibited participants from carrying hearthstones to heighten risk and make the events more challenging.

In the Fifth Era, Hyperion pioneered the use of so-called "Jump Farms", or small XP farms near region capitals or Dragon Gates that were solely used to quickly acquire XP levels so that their members could return home after death without having to use the costlier option in Grim's Lantern. Jump Farms allowed the faction to completely abandon the need for their elytra Space Needle network and move 540 kilometers from Sanctuary to their floating island chain.

Invitation Slips were conceived of by Acey to allow residents to enable others to make a one-time teleport to their hearthstone location, but they were never made available to the public. Retro and Tox made plans to reintroduce the concept by adding Invitation Slips to the proposed third floor of Tortuga in the Eighth Era, but the apocalyptic arrival of Nyx ended all such plans.

The GPS was a spiritual successor to the hearthstone used on Halfast.

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