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Reqll: how much do these cost?
Retro: free
Reqll: oh cool can i get one?
Retro: for sure
Tox: ayup
Tox: do you want one, Dan?
Ballisticdan: NO
—Differing opinions on the Hammerlea Post Office

The Hammerlea Post Office was a structure in Hammerlea that served as a mail system for residents of the Hammerlands during Dragonhollow's Seventh Era.

Built by Retro and Tox, the design was nearly identical to their Summergate Post Office, which had been made possible through a collaborative community effort in which many residents donated time and materials.

The post office featured mailboxes that could be reserved for free by any citizen of Dragonhollow. Though they alone could access their box's contents, anyone could leave them letters or gifts. A citizen was notified that they had mail via a glowing red indicator light. After reserving a box, citizens could submit a personal banner that would be hung on the wall. Written books, stamps, and blank banners could be purchased from Postman Pat, the mail clerk.

Ky was the first citizen to claim a mailbox.

The post office was used as a hiding place for the Hammerlea Scavenger Hunt, a single white box blending in with the building's marble accents. However, due to claims permission conflicts, hunters were unable to open the box and take the loot. It was the only box to remain unlooted during the event and existed there throughout the remainder of the era.

As part of the city's navigation system, the post office was lit by a white beacon that could be seen from anywhere in Hammerlea. In addition, there was a hidden portal from Sanctuary that transported people to the forested foothills behind the post office.


"there's a mail box system at hammerlea"