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"Figured I’d make an open space for those who’d like to join me."

Halfast was a planet colonized during the Eighth Era.

HyperSilence established it as a new home for Hollowers displaced for years after Dragonhollow winked out of existence at the end of the Seventh Era.



"We have a semi-active community, some people have been here for years, some for 5 minutes. If this place suits your fancy, feel free to stick around. If not, no need to waste your time."
HyperSilence hard sells Halfast

HyperSilence in early days of Halfast

After Dragonhollow was consumed by the arrival of Nyx—the long foretold Eternal Night—the surviving Hollowers spread across the stars and settled on other planets.

With the sting of Retrohollow's failure faded from recent memory, the former Archpriest of Eris HyperSilence created a colony on the distant world of Halfast, having grown nostalgic for the simpler times of yore when he would roam with, live alongside, and occasionally kill his friends and foes.

Using the faster-than-light communications network Discord, he broadcast an open invitation for all Dragonhollow refugees to accompany him in building a new home. The planet was so remote that only those he personally reached out to could find it.


Wiz: The pvp aspect currently seems kinda weak, If we hade something like the badlands id gladly return with a few mates
Wiz: I know Jrod & Gabault would agree xd, (i think?)
Gabault: i dont disagree
Jrod: I also don't disagree with that statement
Wiz suggests murder would bring everybody together

Boo and Sharkberries fish together at an Iolanthe bridge

HyperSilence's summons was heard far and wide and he was soon joined by a number of fellow expatriates. They settled in the land of Asgard. A rampant infestation of angry pillagers made early life difficult.

Zen broke ground on the river town of Koan, providing an XP farm, fishing hut, and graveyard for the community. Alec settled there and built a hobbit hole. Not far downriver, Sharkberries and Boo built Iolanthe, home to fisher folk.

Jrod defeated the ender dragon Starsmoke.

An unknown thief stole many of Zen's personal belongings, leading Hyper to greatly extend the time taken for claim deeds to expire. At the same time, he made a survival kit available to all residents.


Despite Hyper's reminder that it was never intended to be a direct continuation, many veterans considered Halfast to be the spiritual successor to Dragonhollow. Others such as Wiz and Gabault were disappointed that person-to-person combat was prohibited.

During this period Halfast struggled to find its own identity and emerge from the long shadow cast by Dragonhollow, ultimately awaiting a time when the world became more comfortable with the balance between past and present.


Absurd: YAY!!!
HyperSilence: Hahaha we missed you too buddy <3
Wiz: Damn what is happening
Wiz: Everyone is coming back ;_;
—Old veterans come home

Zerg, Jrod, Sharkberries, and Alec prepare to ride the water slide beneath Iolanthe

Sharkberries began an ambitious effort to renew interest in Halfast and grow the community, beginning with word-of-mouth efforts via Discord and the construction of the Camillia city-state, which would eventually became the planetary capital.

Inspired by his efforts, HyperSilence made it possible for anyone in the universe to reach Halfast and launched a promotional campaign designed to convince newcomers to visit the planet. He collaborated with Shark in the creation of the Fish Bowl, a new entrance point featuring parkours and random teleportation into the wilderness.

Ranks were reestablished and perks were added for citizens and veterans. Rules governing combat between residents were changed to be less restrictive in order to appeal to a wider audience without compromising the agency of those wishing to abstain.

Downtown Camillia, the capital of Halfast

HyperSilence chose Jinx, Zen, Sleekit, Tox, and Sharkberries to serve in his new ruling hierarchy as Arbiters of Halfast, charged with upholding the values of Halfast and issuing punishments when necessary.

To ease the struggle of his residents, Hyper introduced a number of quality-of-life improvements including the GPS, variable lighting, and a Bee Breeding Kit.

To encourage and regulate single combat between residents, a number of dueling arenas were built beneath the Fish Bowl.

Jrod and the Scylfings were the planet's primary threats, murdering newcomers and veterans alike, until the return of Greywatch offered refuge and the promise of resistance against deadly banditry. This led to the inception of Eternal Chaos, an alliance of convenience between former foes Alec and Jrod. The rivalry between the two organizations came to dominate the landscape of the Eighth Era.


Bellona Ender Dragon Fight Highlights - HalfastMC

By popular demand and in collaboration with the magician Lilac, HyperSilence reinstated the Survivor event by hosting Halfast Survivor, pitting his residents against the elements and each other in a battle over who could survive the longest. Alec was the first victor, claiming Phantom Armor that made him unseen to monsters he encountered in the wild.

On 8E:333, warriors gathered to do battle against a fierce ender dragon and each other in the first WeekEnd event with Eternal Chaos securing the lion's share of the loot. To prevent a recurrence their foes allied against EC during the second WeekEnd, but future WeekEnds saw the community put aside their adversarial differences and work together to defeat the dragons.

When both WeekEnds and Halfast Survivor came to an end, Halfast's zenith of popularity inevitably came to an end. Despite a redecoration of the Fish Bowl and a radically altered Nether that promised never before seen materials and environments, the decline continued until the world became a vacant memory of better days reminiscent of Sleepy Hollow.


this is midgard man

Wiz inside an amethyst geode

On 9E:1, HyperSilence invited residents to return to Halfast and explore the unspoiled wilderness of a new land known as Midgard.

Absurd became the opening casualty of the Ninth Era and Jrod mined its inaugural diamond, while Boiled Rice was the earliest to obtain elytra wings. Jrod drew first blood from an enemy by killing Lex, the beginning of a streak of mayhem that would leave Lex with dozens of deaths but in possession of Jrod's elytra, an outcome both were satisfied with. Gabault, Alec, and Jrod slayed the ender dragon Aeriax on 9E:2 and claimed its egg for Eternal Chaos. AKVothe was both the earliest to construct a beacon and upgrade it to full strength.

Boiled Rice discovered the first Hyper Dungeon on Halfast, a Hyper Mansion that he mistook for a regular woodland mansion. With some difficulty, he managed to clear it with the help of Jrod on On 9E:8.

Nico says it's hammer time

On 9E:18, ethereum was introduced as the official currency of Halfast to be redeemed for items in the Midgard Markets.

Over time, the broadcasting of death coordinates over Discord proved a boon to claim-raiders, allowing them to locate and scavenge abandoned properties for valuables such as beacons and elytra.

Alec first discovered and raided the Crystal Dungeon on 9E:250.

On 9E:253, the monstrous world serpent Jörmungandr emerged from the deepest ocean trench on Halfast, sending thousand meter tsunamis crashing across Midgard causing flooding as far inland as the Eternal Depths. The protective seals of the golden shovel immediately failed and led to widespread looting, but as Midgard sank beneath the seas its populace made for the unsullied shores of Asphodel.


Y: well the closer you are the longer it will take the border to get to u
Alec: oh is boarder supposed to shrink?
Alec: usually it expands on here
Alec: oh shit
Alec: 30 day border shrinks 5k
Y: yeah lol
Alec: that kinda wild
—Residents discuss Asphodel's shrinking border

Sharkberries' terraformed mushroom isle

On 10E:1, HyperSilence announced that Asphodel was open for travel. On the very same day, oDRLo raced to face down and defeat the ender dragon Rhadamanthys, the fastest in recorded history to do so, in turn becoming the first to possess a dragon egg and obtain elytra. Among all citizens, Y earned the dubious distinction of suffering the opening death of the Tenth Era but also mined its first diamond. Tox forged the land's first beacon.

Asphodel remained lightly populated. Most newcomers died and then disappeared, while many veterans were reluctant to settle there for a variety of reasons. It was widely known that the region was to be short-lived, soon to be abandoned. The lack of claims protected by the golden shovel jeopardized new construction. And visits were further complicated by rumors of a dangerous shrinking border. Even HyperSilence himself was often absent.

Nevertheless, a number of isolated individuals established a presence in Asphodel.

Points of Interest

"this place looks amazing omg"


A vast land of expansive biomes overrun by pillagers and bees settled in the Eighth Era

Picture Place Architect Notes
2020-05-02 22.36.13.png Fish Bowl Sharkberries, HyperSilence Entrance point for Asgard
2021-06-11 22.04.11.png Camillia Sharkberries The capital of Halfast
Bonelair.png Dueling Arenas Sharkberries A series of combat arenas
2020-05-02 21.12.30.png Halfast Graveyard Zen A residential cemetery
2022-06-13 22.28.37.png Raptor Isle Fancy Raptor A tropical wood-and-stone mecca
2022-06-26 21.19.55.png Edge of Chaos Eternal Chaos A fortified barrier
2020-05-02 21.51.33.png Iolanthe Boo, Sharkberries A fisher folk village
2020-05-02 21.57.25.png Hobbit Hole Alec A hillside habitat
2020-05-03 00.35.43.png Nico's Interior Design Nico An interior décor shop
Otmc noise 10.png An Ode To My Cock Retro A fully erected phallic monument
2020-05-02 22.56.06.png Greywatch Hold Greywatch The settlement around Castle Skywatch
2022-06-14 00.32.22.png Iram of the Pillars Seudo An underground city of quartz
2020-05-02 23.13.58.png MFZ Zerg An industrial nexus
2020-05-02 21.56.32.png Koan Zen A river town
2022-06-14 01.44.09.png Castle Town Bruhklyn A tower and temple complex
2020-05-02 23.36.04.png Silo Retro A cylindrical underground residence
2020-05-02 23.30.05.png Seudoble Accomodations Seudo A beachfront dacha
2021-06-11 21.32.39.png Sandbox Dap Dapton Solutions R&D testbed
2022-06-19 05.15.50.png Nicosia Nico A flower forest estate
2020-05-17 03.37.17.png Arctic Air Sharkberries An airship to the tundra
2021-08-22 06.08.04.png Hallowshean Sleekit A chain of floating islands
2020-05-02 23.17.51.png Amaranthine Immortal A forest cottage
2020-05-27 18.37.22.png PEE YOUR PANTS Bruhklyn just do it
Kenshin.png Kenshin Castle FlyingPokemon A walled estate atop the Sakura Peaks
2020-05-02 21.42.14.png Windbreaker Tox A hot-air balloon
2020-05-02 23.28.02.png Altēc Alec An undersea temple
2022-06-26 22.18.03.png Valkenburg United Provinces A stone castle
2020-05-03 01.48.23.png Reivers Rest Sleekit A tower house of the Overkingdom
2020-06-24 20.31.45.png Vibe Town Vibe Town An oasis village in the deep desert
2020-05-03 00.36.57.png Toadstool Thicket Nico A cozy mushroom house in the forest
2020-06-14 18.28.58.png North Island Eternal Chaos A floating island
2020-05-03 00.22.40.png Co-Op Castle Panda, Tohbeh, Jinx A mountain fortress
2021-07-07 22.22.03.png Zombie Corner Azureila what are you doing in my swamp
2020-05-02 23.20.30.png Morningthaw FlyingPokemon A snow-covered city-state
2020-05-03 01.55.48.png Castle Skywatch Lex Headquarters for Greywatch
2020-05-27 22.14.37.png Gentleman Pigman Getz A well-dressed gold farm
2022-06-19 05.10.27.png Hyperion Hills HyperSilence A half-assed home
2020-05-27 21.24.14.png Jungle Jaunt Sharkberries An airship to the jungle
2020-05-27 20.35.17.png Myrkviðr Scylfings A lake town
2020-05-27 21.04.49.png THE CUBE Jinx A giant stone cube
2020-05-27 20.09.35.png SHOP! Pwn An automated gear store
2020-06-29 17.56.46.png The Basmati Province Boiled Rice The ringed nexus of the Rice Empire
2021-07-29 04.21.18.png Tree of Eternity Jrod gee i'm a tree
2020-05-27 20.37.29.png Mount Gream Starsgream An mountain manufactory
2021-06-11 22.20.15.png Empyrean Absurd A city of high-rises
2020-05-02 21.41.51.png Tox's Cabin Tox The teleporting home of Tox
2021-07-29 04.27.40.png Eternal Flame Eternal Chaos A forge and hall of oaths
2022-06-26 22.22.25.png Koningsmuur Kingkauw An inexplicable wall


A region settled in the Ninth Era with narrow biomes and rumored extensive cave systems densely packed inside a twenty kilometer radius

Picture Place Architect Notes
2021-07-29 23.01.30.png Midgard Palace Krevelir, HyperSilence Entrance point for Midgard
2021-08-16 19.24.17.png Midgard Markets HyperSilence A collection of ethereum-based shops
2022-06-05 00.20.05 2.png Hyper Mansion HyperSilence A woodland mansion-themed Hyper Dungeon
2022-06-05 00.06.12.png Crystal Dungeon HyperSilence An amethyst geode Hyper Dungeon
2022-06-05 19.13.19.png Wall of Hell Y A base surrounded by lava
2022-06-13 20.44.11.png Eternal Depths Eternal Chaos The underground lair of Eternal Chaos
2022-06-05 19.24.51.png Brockenhurst LaplaceCircus A swamp mansion and gatehouse
2022-06-13 20.22.14.png Naglfar Krevelir, HyperSilence A three-masted sailing ship
2022-06-05 19.46.22.png Votheville AKVothe, Acid A center of heavy industry
2022-06-05 20.22.26.png Rapanui United Provinces A countryside holding with strange statues
2022-06-05 21.07.31.png Tox's Cabin Tox The teleporting home of Tox
2022-06-05 21.11.46.png Llama Lagoon GaG120MpH A seaside retreat
2022-06-05 21.22.51.png The Compound Boo, Sharkberries An ornate residental complex
2022-06-05 21.44.09.png Frostcrown Lodge Seudo A cliffside cottage hidden between ice spikes


A transient and shrinking land of the Tenth Era

Picture Place Architect Notes
2022-06-14 05.01.56.png Kiki's House Sharkberries A little house on the prarie shroom isle


Hyperface.png HyperSilence (Heirarch)
Zenface.png Zen (Arbiter)
Sharkface.png Sharkberries (Arbiter)
Jinxface.png Jinx (Arbiter)
Sleekitface.png Sleekit (Arbiter)
Toxface.png Tox (Arbiter)
Alecface.png Alec
Tobyface.png Tohbeh
Jackface.png Jack Firebane
Dolphinface.png Dolphin
Eliteface.png E1ite
Pandaface.png Panda
Aceyface.png Acey
Wizface.png Wiz
Booface.png Boo
Gabface.png Gabault
Jrodface.png Jrod
Zergface.png Zerg
Maccaface.png MaccaMan
Baggerface.png Bagger
Terryface.png Terry
Pokeface.png FlyingPokemon
Kingface.png King
Mudkipface.png Mudkip
Spidermonkeyface.png Spidermonkey
Immortalface.png Immortal
Starsgreamface.png Starsgream
Dapface.png Dap
Bengface.png Benedict
Blindladyface.png Blind Lady
Absurdface.png Absurd
Strylanface.png Strylan
Lexface.png Lex
Roloface.png Rolo
Nicoface.png Nico
Pwnface.png Pwn
Ultraface.png Ultrazido
Tribalface.png Tribal
Pyrovikingface.png Pyroviking
Wafflesface.png Waffles
Boiledriceface.png Boiled Rice
Retroface.png Retro
Piface.png Pi
Spudface.png Spud
Azuface.png Azureila
Mtlface.png MTL
Homuface.png Homu Homu
Samuelbobbyface.png Samuel Bobby
Kingface.png Kingkauw
Akvotheface.png AKVothe
Yface.png Y
Odrloface.png oDRLo

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Half-Assed.

I’m hosting a server for a year. It’s currently whitelisted, so if you’d like to join @ me in General. There’s no plugins, permissions, rules, or anything like that. It’s basically just a Half Assed server I made that I can play on with you guys or by myself.
HyperSilence announces Halfast

Half-Assed was a Minecraft server created by HyperSilence on July 10th, 2019. Though previously whitelisted, it was made public on October 18th, 2019.

The server was officially rebranded as Halfast on February 17, 2020. A new map called Midgard was launched on July 30, 2021. Halfast's third map, Asphodel, opened on April 9, 2022.

Halfast's lore borrowed heavily from Norse mythology, in contrast with Dragonhollow which often incorporated the ancient Greek mythos.

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