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Tox: Welcome, gents. Who brought the gin?
Ozven: Just vodka.
Tox: commie hooligan! this is a meeting of the minds, not a Moscow pub crawl!
Ozven: In Soviet Russia, minds meet you.
Bloodwrath: xD
—Opening exchange of the meeting

The Gentleman's Gathering was a strategy meeting held on 3E:20 in the basement of Tox's townhouse in Golden Glen.

It led to the formation of the Justice League.


The meeting was held in the basement of Tox's house in Golden Glen.

The catastrophic attack on the The Coast by the Dragonslayers and their triumphant victory over the Serkrs in the Assault on Highhelm had drastically altered the balance of power in Dragonhollow. The DS army, led by HyperSilence, was besieging Fable and appeared on the verge of gaining total control over the southern hemisphere of the Northlands. With the defection of E1ite, organized opposition to the Dragonslayers had largely ceased.

It was during these dire days that Ozven, Bloodwrath, and Tox came together to discuss the future. Golden Glen was chosen as the location because it had yet to come under attack from the Dragonslayers and was considered relatively secure.

Key Points

The key points of the meeting were as follows:

  • The formation of a new faction led by Ozven comprised only of trustworthy allies, whose goal would be the defense of Dragonhollow through the acquisition of beacons, by the use of military force, and via the establishment of lasting alliances and cooperation with the community at large
  • The construction of a fortress, built by Bloodwrath, that would serve as a secure headquarters for the faction
  • United and unwavering political, economic, and military opposition to the Dragonslayers ending only in their unconditional surrender or total annihilation
  • An investigation into the identity of the Turncloak
  • The official disbanding of the Serkrs

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

The attendees used local chat, rather than global chat, so that their words could not be read by anyone outside the vicinity of Golden Glen.