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"Dragons are rarely seen in the over world and only return to their place of birth when the world is started to be eaten by the demonic gods. This may be a sign of the end of our world or some thing much.... much..... worse."
Nut discusses the prophecy

Final Flight was a book authored by Tox that recounted an ancient prophecy he learned from Nut that foretold of a great exodus of dragons to their place of birth when the end of Dragonhollow was approaching.


Seventh Era

  • Hammerlea Library

Seventh Era—Present

  • Memoriam on Mnemosyne

Eighth Era


When the three who et their makers are slain by the children of summer,
When the bleeding star and burning tear fall upon flags and furrows,
When the father below dens in skies above,
When her acolytes pry the lid from perdition,
When the ring of reavers fade away without a word,
When the dead do not die and bones hurl fire and flame,
When she abandons her flock for worlds anew,
When the clouds close and transit terminates,
When the joker drops his cowl and the flames claim him,
When the tower of the imperium stands alone,
When mutiny grips her hand and soil sinks away,
When the dreamship docks in the house of ill repute,
When the thief steals victory from the cheating feet,
When the sun sets and demons dine,

Then the dragons will return to their cradle and and await the dawn