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"There will now be prizes given to the Top 10 Voters of the month!"

The Eternal Bow was an enchanted bow on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was one of the possible rewards for first place on the monthly voting leaderboard.

The Eternal Bow achieved what no human craftsman could duplicate—a combination of the effects of the Infinity and Mending enchantments. The weapon could therefore be repaired indefinitely and used forever with a single arrow, making it indeed eternal in the right hands.

Despite being assembled by magical means, the bow could be improved by mortal hands by adding additional enchantments.

HyperSilence suggested that the Eternal Bow could also be obtained as a future prize in the Halfast Survivor as well as treasure received from slaying ender dragons and raiding Hyper Dungeons.

The bow was functionally identical to the Infinimend found on Dragonhollow.

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