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"..this man owned a tower, a magnificent tower!"

Ebonrise was an office building in Lakeview Village during Dragonhollow's First Era.

It served as the home and business headquarters of Ebonblade and his trading empire.

After the collapse of his Commune, Ebon commenced construction on Ebonrise. The location was accessible via a wooden bridge over the River Strife and from the South Road.

The five-story glass and stone brick structure was an ostentatious symbol of his wealth, featuring blocks of diamond, gold, emerald, iron, lapis, and redstone displayed with lavish decadence.

Only the odd floors were put into use; the even floors were empty and merely decoration and meeting spaces. The lobby contained eight inactive cave spider spawners and a large golden light fixture. The third floor served as a workshop, containing multiple enchanting tables, anvils, and crafting tables, as well as offering access to a balcony that wrapped around three sides of the building. The fifth and top floor was used exclusively for storage.

An adjacent stable housed a dozen horses clad in iron armor.

On 1E:68, Ebon hosted a party for the community at Ebonrise. Unfortunately, the good cheer and fine dining turned to terror as the skies went red and the First Bloodmoon rose above the Lakelands. Many lives were lost and the building itself was destroyed. A party guest, the future Loremaster Alarrick, would later write a book recounting the horror that unfolded before his eyes.