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"Saddle Up and meet up at Eastbrook Raceway for a chance to win various prizes!"

Eastbrook Raceway was a racetrack and event center that existed in the Summerlands during the Fourth Era and the Hammerlands during the Seventh Era.



Acey: I dunno if you heard
Acey: but I just finished Eastbrook
Acey: which is the new racetrack ;)
Kim: thats awesome. :)
Acey tells Kim about Eastbrook Raceway

Eastbrook entrance and train station

Eastbrook's central fixture was the oval clay track where riders could try out their pigs, donkeys, mules, and horses. It surrounded a grassy infield lined with hedges, where top finishers would climb to the victory podium. The track was noticeably smaller than its predecessor, the Lakeview Horse Track.

Suspended above the track was a massive rendition of the raceway's logo.

The grandstand could comfortably seat twenty and included an automatic fireworks launcher, the controls to the starting gate, and a vendor that sold fireworks.

The Eastbrook stables allowed citizens to acquire one of 16 stalls for their own personal use free-of-charge on a first come, first serve basis. Each stall was large enough to accomodate many horses and came with bales of hay and a chest.

Across the East Road lay a pigpen constructed by HyperSilence. Pigs were available for rental and riders could also purchase carrots-on-a-stick from a vendor.

Eastbrook Clubhouse

A clubhouse stood next to the expansive courtyard entrance, where visitors could view race prizes, see past winners, and purchase equestrian items such as leads, saddles, and horse spawn eggs.

A large cross-country track surrounded the facility. Endurance Race riders had to visit each Race Official and collect an item—whoever collected them all and returned first would be declared the winner.

Eastbrook could be reached from Summergate either via the East Road or through the Summerlands Railway, which had a station at the racetrack.


Retro: holy shit eastbrook looks perfect
Tox: thanks, Jinx did some as well
Retro likes what he sees

In the Seventh Era, Eastbrook Raceway was located on the River Lethe at the northeast corner of Hammerlea. It was directly accessible from the North Line of the Hammerlands Railway as well as by pathway from the Ziggurat, which served as the city's center.

The main fixtures of the site remained the same—the stables, clubhouse, and track—but their locations were altered to fit the space available. A horse speedometer existed near the stables.

Entrance to Eastbrook in the Seventh Era

The clubhouse, manned by Raceway Ralph sold race-related items, displayed available prizes, and showcased previous champions as well as historic fastest times.

A pigpen built by Tox, loosely based on HyperSilence's design from the original Eastbrook, was positioned at the site's northern edge adjacent to Wojcik's farm. There, Pig Pen Paolo sold various pig race-related items.

No endurance track existed in the Hammerlands version of Eastbrook.

As part of Hammerlea's navigation system, a sea green beacon shone from the center of the Raceway's fountain. This fact went unmentioned in the Hammerlea Guide because it was written before the city opened to the public and thus long before Eastbrook even appeared.


Congratulations to Ferathmai for taking 1st Place in the Eastbrook Races!
Harold announces winner of the First Eastbrook Races

Eastbrook was opened to the public on 4E:144.

The First Eastbrook Races

The inaugural First Eastbrook Races were held by Acey on 4E:148 and consisted of a pig race, a donkey and mule race, and a horse race. Sprankles won the pig and donkey/mule race. Ferathmai won the horse race. Twenty-five people attended the First Races, the largest gathering of its kind during the entire Fourth Era.

As the track began to draw more visitors, many citizens began building projects in the surrounding area. Katie, Linuc, and Ky created large stables where horses could be stored. DredGrimoire, Tater, Greymac, and Dolphin built homes nearby. Tox claimed a large plot across from Eastbrook with the intention of building a shop selling race-day merchandise, but after it was clear that races were not going to be held regularly as initially planned by Acey, he sold the real estate to Ferathmai.

Eastbrook fell into disrepair during the absence of Eris and citizens began to report the failure of some of its functions, including access to their horse stables. These functions were fully restored when the Archpriest HyperSilence ascended to the Pantheon and began returning Dragonhollow to its former glory.

The Second Eastbrook Races were hosted by Hyper on 4E:391 and boasted two events: a pig race and a horse race. Sprankles defended his title by winning the pig race once again while Tox won the horse race.

Jinx, Ky, and Tox pose upon the victory podium at the Third Eastbrook Races

On 7E:71, Eastbrook Raceway appeared in Hammerlea through the powers vested in the Hegemon Retro. He rebuilt redstone machinery for the starting gate while Tox and Jinx handled renovation efforts to prepare the racetrack for public use.

The Third Eastbrook Races were held on 7E:110. Ky won both the horse race and pig race, while Jinx emerged victorious in the foot race despite a conspiracy by Tox and Ky to cheat while wearing Flash Feet.

Eastbrook Raceway was destroyed on 7E:120 by the extreme gravitational forces exerted with the arrival of Nyx, the long foretold “Eternal Night”.


Tox: The Duke has the Eastbrook Record
Jinx: oh yeah ive heard of the duke
—Residents discuss The Duke

These are the top three recorded lap times in official races, separated by event type.

Horse Records

Rank Face Name Horse Record Time Event
1st Feraface.png Ferathmai The Duke 9.997 First Eastbrook Races
2nd Tranceface.png Trancesk8er American Pharoah 10.192 First Eastbrook Races
3rd Dolphinface.png Dolphin Dinnerbone 10.378 Second Eastbrook Races
4th Toxface.png Tox Sandinista 10.403 Second Eastbrook Races
5th Dolphinface.png Dolphin Carl 10.566 Second Eastbrook Races
6th Pandaface.png Panda Nightmare 10.816 First Eastbrook Races
7th Spranksface.png Sprankles Daisy Mae 10.837 Second Eastbrook Races
8th Booface.png Boo Sven 10.994 First Eastbrook Races
9th Katieface.png Katie 11.312 First Eastbrook Races
10th Retroface.png Retro The Russian Steed 11.988 Second Eastbrook Races

Pig Records

Rank Face Name Record Time Event
1st Toxface.png Tox 19.995 Second Eastbrook Races
2nd Retroface.png Retro 22.903 Second Eastbrook Races
3rd Spranksface.png Sprankles 23.845 Second Eastbrook Races

Stable Owners

The following citizens were known to have rented a stable at Eastbrook.


Aceyface.png Acey
Hyperface.png HyperSilence
Retroface.png Retro
Katieface.png Katie
Feraface.png Ferathmai
Tranceface.png Trancesk8er
Kyface.png Ky
Printface.png Print
Spranksface.png Sprankles
Chrisface.png Chris McClellan
Nutface.png Nut
Pandaface.png Panda
Bjayface.png Bjay
Wojface.png Wojcik


Kyface.png Ky
Toxface.png Tox
Absurdface.png Absurd
Wojface.png Wojcik
Jinxface.png Jinx
Zenface.png Zen
Dapface.png Dap