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Dragonhollow Recap Issue 1
Era Fourth Era
Date 4E:87
Writer Tohbeh
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Issue 2

"The long term wait for Dragonhollow to return has finally come to an end. "

Dragonhollow Recap #1 was the first issue of Tohbeh's Dragonhollow Recap.

Full Text


Hello Everybody!!

Welcome to the Dragonhollow Recap!!

The long term wait for Dragonhollow to return has finally come to an end. Northham has finally had it's end and now Summergate has emerged as the new name for the world. UHC mode remains as active as ever, where golden apples, health potions, and Beacons are some of the only ways to regenerate. Spawn appears as a throwback to Swampwater's tree.

Tips & Starter Gear

There is a small source of food via a bakery at spawn that randomly generates bread, hidden parkours, market stalls that utilize gold as currency. Golden shovel still remains dominant as a source of protection from the griefing of others. Reapply for citizen to gain more claim blocks for citizens. Also, there is a source of regeneration at the church of spawn. There is also a DEATH COUNTER in the tab list. Also, a list of players who have survived the longest without a death is displayed on a sidebar. Setting your home is not as a command but implements a new method involving XP and a Hearthstone. Returning to spawn is possible via crafting a Massacre Scroll and clicking a sign within the Airship to the Pvp arena. The nether at spawn is infested with angry pigmen that will murder you to no end. Happy Surviving. May the luck and skill guide you. :D

Staff & Ranks

Along with Acey being owner, Intrexovert, formerly known as HyperSilence, has emerged as community director. Let it be known that he does not have access to console and is here to help manage the Dragonhollow chat and direct new people at spawn. Be sure to give him a hello and thank him for keeping levels of chat bareable. Veteran ranks have closed for the time being. Citizen remains open, however you must reapply despite being on the previous map. In addition, the Elite rank discussed previously is being currently developed. Although the ranks appear overwhelming, they don't provide much benefit besides the increase in claimblock generation, the command /hat, and the veterantrail.

Potential Updates and Hints

As noted by Acey updates will be coming, these are not guarantees, but rather hints and possible updates she has hinted at.

  • Nether and End Dimension resets.
  • Best Build Contest
  • More Towns
  • A Guild System
  • Craftable Spawners
  • Bloodmoon
  • Questing

Recap Upcoming

I will attempt to cover as much community projects and attempt to find out more about the upcoming events as much as I can so if you'd like a spot on the recap. Contact me via Dragonhollow Mail or talk to me on the server. See you next time on the Recap!