Now with the arrival of Summergate, DH has been revived and there is a lot of information that is to be processed. So similar to Mindcrack, I am going to attempt to take the role of Recaping the local news of DH, upcoming projects and updates.

The Dragonhollow Recap was a three-issue current events publication written and distributed by Tohbeh during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

Back in the Third Era, Tohbeh produced the Northham Gazette, a private newsletter for members of the Justice League and later their allies The Fabled and the supergroup Unity. Based on this prior experience, he became interested in writing news that could inform everyone in Dragonhollow.

He published the first issue of the Recap on 4E:87. The results were impressive enough for Tohbeh to reach an agreement with the goddess Eris to be her official news reporter and begin publishing a brand new bulletin called the Dragonhollow Newsletter.


"Sign me up for a subscription! I can't wait to hear about what everyone has been doing."
Rolo looks forward to some good news

Dragonhollow Recap Issue 1
Dragonhollow Recap Issue 2
Dragonhollow Recap Issue 3


"For those that don't know, Tobster ran a PM newsletter called "The Weekly Update" for four months that was so detailed he put the NSA out of business. Once he gets this up and running, we'll never have to actually log on to DH again!"

Tohbeh held a poll to gauge how well received the Recap was among the Dragonhollow community and whether or not he should make improvements. The positive feedback encouraged him to create the Dragonhollow Newsletter.


The following was the question posed to voters:

How was the recap?
Very detailed
Needs more Subsections/Organization
(Insert Negative Feedback Here)


Poll Results (without abstaining votes)
Very detailed:
4 (80%)
Needs more Subsections/Organization:
3 (17.6%)
(Insert Negative Feedback Here):
0 (0%)

Results by player

Face Name Vote
Toxface Tox Very detailed
Roloface Rolo Very detailed
Hyperface HyperSilence Very detailed
Noface Anonymous vote Very detailed
Noface Anonymous vote Needs more Subsections/Organization
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