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"I'll be pulling some modern day rainforest deforestation with it."
FlyingPokemon has plans for the Divine Axe

The Divine Axe was a diamond axe on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was one of the possible rewards for first place on the monthly voting leaderboard.

The Divine Axe—said to be a gift from the Gods—greatly increased the mining speed of those that wielded it, far beyond what was possible from a traditional enchanting table.

As a weapon it was especially useful against shields as it had a 75% chance of disabling them upon each attack, improving to 100% if attacking while sprinting.

HyperSilence suggested that the Divine Axe could also be obtained as a future prize in the Halfast Survivor as well as treasure received from slaying ender dragons and raiding Hyper Dungeons.

FlyingPokemon was the first mortal to possess the Divine Axe.

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