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GhostlyPink: You didn't get on discord did you?
GhostlyPink: And all i did was have my discord on and seen the announcement within hours.
GhostlyPink: So... yeah might be good to have Discord.
GhostlyPink advocates Discord

Discord was a faster-than-light communications network that allowed Dragonhollow residents to send and receive messages from anywhere in the known universe.

The name was a reference to its provider Eris, the goddess of discord, who wanted to provide her subjects with a means of obtaining information and announcements without physically being on the surface of the planet. Discord supported text-based messages as well as video and audio transmissions both public and private.

The Edicts of Eris and other policies governing Dragonhollow extended to Discord. When a resident was executed and their soul permanently enslaved by Grim, they also lost access to the FTL communications.

The network proved extremely popular, first supplementing the Forum and then all but completely replacing it by the Sixth Era as the preferred method of communication. Before the Seventh Era, the last of the Priesthood holdouts Tox finally began using Discord and it became their sole platform for the exchange of data.

Nearly all active members of the public eventually joined the network.

When the Eriid meteor shower hit Dragonhollow on 7E:59, the Hegemon Retro used Discord to overcome a widespread communications blackout and send residents a navigational course that would allow them to safely reach the planet through the hail of meteors.

After the planet was swallowed by Nyx on 7E:120, the survivors who escaped the apocalypse kept in touch using Discord. HyperSilence would later use the network to announce invitations to the colony on Halfast.

In the Eighth Era, Lex and Absurd funded upgrades that boosted the Discord network's signal strength.


The following is an incomplete list of those residents who used Discord.

Aceyface.png Acey
Hyperface.png HyperSilence
Haroldface.png Harold
Retroface.png Retro
Zenface.png Zen
Lehrhardtface.png Biscuit
Calface.png Calp0l
Ghostlypinkface.png GhostlyPink
Ibrahanaface.png Ibrahana
Jackface.png Jack Firebane
Mouseyface.png Mousey
Quietface.png Quiet
Chairtyface.png Chairty
Toxface.png Tox
Dolphinface.png Dolphin
Tobyface.png Tohbeh
Abbrayface.png Abbray
Alecface.png Alec
Nightscratchface.png Cibrel
Dapface.png Dap
Jinxface.png Jinx
Kyface.png Ky
Maccaface.png MaccaMan
Lordface.png Lord of War
Moltzerface.png Moltzer
Mrpamboface.png MrPambo
Kingface.png King
Sleekitface.png Sleekit
Starsgreamface.png Starsgream
Terryface.png Terry
Wizface.png Wiz
Wojface.png Wojcik
Mistyface.png Misty
Debsface.png Debs
Gabface.png Gabault
Zipface.png RenewableZip
Sharkface.png Sharkberries
Booface.png Boo
Pokeface.png FlyingPokemon
Eliteface.png E1ite
Pandaface.png Panda
Jasmineface.png Jasmine
Jrodface.png Jrod
Mudkipface.png Mudkip
Ilmface.png Ilm
Spectroface.png Spectro
Smittenface.png Smitten
Printface.png Print
Spudface.png Spud
0uttaface.png 0uttaTime
Strylanface.png Strylan
Absurdface.png Absurd
Lexface.png Lex
Roloface.png Rolo
Pwnface.png Pwn
Ultraface.png Ultrazido
Tribalface.png Tribal
Pyrovikingface.png Pyroviking
Wafflesface.png Waffles
Boiledriceface.png Boiled Rice
Azuface.png Azureila
Noaface.png Noa
Senseiface.png Sensei
Blindladyface.png Blind Lady
Onlyexceptionface.png Only Exception
Kingkauwface.png Kingkauw
File:Stumpjumperface.png Stumpjumper
Moroniface.png Moroni
Fancyraptorface.png Fancy Raptor
Acidface.png Acid
Yface.png Y

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

"It's the only communication software officially endorsed by Eris, the goddess of discord, who sometimes calls herself Acey."

Discord is a free text and voice chat application. Acey established a server for Dragonhollow players on January 24, 2017 as a replacement for Raidcall, Teamspeak, and Skype which had been used in the past.

Official Dragonhollow Discord Server