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Tox: and the Demon Slayer sword (Unbreaking V, Smite X, Knockback III, Looting IV)
Terry: holy shit
Jrod: thats op
Tox remembers Demon Slayer fondly

Demon Slayer was an ancient diamond broadsword.

Its origins were unknown, though it was believed to date back to the Ancient Era before mortals arrived in Dragonhollow.

The Demon Slayer was especially tempered against hostile mobs and designed to deliver massive damage, but it was a sub-optimal choice against human foes because it was not particular sharp and knocked them back too far to deliver follow-up blows.

On 4E:370, the adventurers who defeated the Ender Trinity discovered the Demon Slayer in in the underbelly of one of the dragons, suggesting that its original owner was eaten. Because many of the treasures found during the battle against the Trinity belonged to former members of the Pantheon, some historians argued that the Demon Slayer was wielded by one of them, perhaps even Ymir himself.

Additional swords were later discovered within the Lava Sphere and the Arachnodome.

Tox carried one at all times during the final months of the Fourth Era. Despite the fact that the blade was weakest against other mortal men and women, he used it to kill both Gaiarbuba and Jinx.

At least two Demon Slayers survived the Fall of Summergate after they were safely preserved in Hyperion by the Archpriest HyperSilence, though their fate beyond the Fourth Era was unclear.



This weapon was forged with only one thought in mind: To kill monsters.

Unbreaking V
Smite X
Knockback III
Looting IV