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This article is about the Fifth Era redstone engineer. You may be looking for Pwn, a Northham Wars veteran of the Third Era.

"I like redstone. I am an adequate builder and less-than-decent pvp player, but I excel in redstone. If there's any way that I can incorporate any sort of circuitry into my base, I jump at the chance."

Dap, also known as Pwn, was a redstone engineer and mayor of Dapton.

He possessed considerable skill as an inventor, designing a variety of clever gizmos and contraptions including a card-activated iron porticullis, a working elevator that could stop at any floor, and a slime block airship. These and other industrious ideas served him well as CEO of Dapton Solutions.


Early Activities

"Why make a standard wooden door when you can take a few hours of resource gathering to make a massive redstone gate, complete with retracting iron bars?"

Dap arrived in Blackbourne on 5E:184.

A member of the Dragon Hunters, he dwelled in the highlands northwest of their haven of Hunter's Home in a bunker known as the Dugout. His redstone-powered, keycard-activated iron gate guaranteed his safety against the aggression of factions such as the Dragonslayers, Scylfings, and Ouroboros.

The Dugout, Dap's first home in Pandora

He secured a treaty with fellow Atom, a fellow Dragon Hunter, via a loan of twelve diamonds in exchange for mutual defense and a promise of repayment with interest. Atom never delivered the two diamond blocks he owed.

Dap maintained a small plot in Hunter's Home which he stocked with supplies for the journey from the clan's Dragon Gate to the Dugout.

Community Engagement

"Hahahahahahaha! I shall become lord of the skies. All in the end shall fear me."

Dap was the first citizen to sign up for the Pandora Secret Santa.

Fully armed upon the sands of Pandora

He joined master thief and scavenger Jinx in a clandestine robbery of Tox's Cabin in Wyvern Pointe, acquiring a Beating Stick and the only Snowcrest Teleport Scroll in all of Pandora.

He had some degree of success in the Pandora Survivor competition, placing seventh in the Sixth Contest after surviving for 85 days and getting "on the board" in the Seventh Contest by finishing fourth with 113 days. He again took seventh in the Eighth Contest with 86 days.

Dap worked with Alec to design a slime block airship powered by redstone, becoming the second and third mortals to achieve flight without elytra behind Retro's inaugural Batpig flight.

Eris granted him the honorific title of ShotHimself after he impressed everyone by piercing his own face with an arrow fired from his bow.

With Gabault, HyperSilence, and Jinx

Upon the invitation of its founder and mayor Jinx, he became a resident of Jinxion by developing a plot in its Visitor's Village. There, he erected a diorite and glass townhouse known as La Casa de Pwn. Gabault and Alec were his immediate neighbors.

On 5E:290, he colonized an island in Outer Pandora where he founded the town of Dapton. When the island was destroyed by the opening of Pandora's Box on 5E:319, Dap escaped to Sanctuary and he boarded the airship's inaugural voyage to Hallowmere and became one of the first to set foot on its soil.

Later Life

"I appreciate how tightly knit this community was, odd ends and all. Thank you, everybody. And to anybody that I didn't meet or know too well, you still have my thanks for what you've done for Dragonhollow's atmosphere."
Dap says farewell

In the Sixth Era Dap constructed a small cottage on a tropical river in Hallowmere, but by 6E:17 it had been raided by bandits.His likeness was used for Hallowmere Survivor promotional materials.

Following a lengthy absence offworld, he returned to Dragonhollow on 7E:70 and turned a pre-existing ruined cabin into a modest plains cottage beyond the North Line of the Hammerlands Railway between Aperture and Windward.

Dap rises above the Hammerlands on a slime-powered airship of his own design

Dap continued his engineering marvels, developing a safe way station at the end of the North Line for travelers to survive the night and another slimeship that lifted him to Venomere, which he successfully raided after many deaths. To offer his services and ingenuity to the community, he created a redstone business named Dapton Solutions.

He was a user of the faster-than-light communications network Discord.

He placed seventh in the Fourth Contest of the Hammerlea Survivor competition by surviving for thirteen consecutive days.

Dap achieved the rank of veteran on 7E:97. He discovered Tortuga on 7E:97 and participated in the Marshacre Melee on 7E:117.

As his final project before the end of the world, Dap constructed the mighty tower Lunas Tirith at the site of his cottage.

Some years later, on 8E:186, he ventured to the refugee colony on Halfast, eager to catch up on what he'd missed during his long absence. He organized his activities in the desert outskirts and reincorporated Dapton Solutions, opening a satellite office in Greywatch Hold and doing contract work in Camillia. He enjoyed good relations with his nearest neighbor Zerg.

Notable Builds

"This would have been perfect, if only it didn't kill me..."
—Dap laments over one of his redstone contraptions

Picture Place Region Notes
2019-10-13 16.33.13.png Dugout Pandora A mountain bunker
2017-02-09 04.42.46.png La Casa de Pwn Pandora A townhouse in Jinxion Visitor's Village
2019-10-14 14.27.58.png Laughing Dragon Outer Pandora An inn and tavern
2019-10-13 18.40.52.png Dapton Outer Pandora An island town
2019-10-14 16.34.17.png Terminus Station Hammerlands An automated depot for the Hammerlands Railway
2019-10-01 20.22.50.png Lunas Tirith Hammerlands Corporate headquarters of Dapton Solutions
2021-06-11 21.32.39.png Sandbox Halfast R&D complex for Dapton Solutions


"You'll have to teach me your magic someday, sir redstone wizard."