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"Equip Yourself with the DDoS Protection Pack!"

The DDoS Protection Pack was an item set available during Dragonhollow's First Era.

With the supernatural reality distortions of the World Warp causing death and the loss of valuables across the Lakelands, Eris announced on 1E:56 that the DDoS Protection Pack would be made available at no cost for two days to all residents who visited Lakeview Town Hall.

It contained items that would help anyone caught out in the wilderness during future time-shifts.

DDoS stood for “Dragonhollow Destroyed our Stuff”, a reference to the deleterious effects of the World Warp.


"Awsome.. cant wait to get home and get my kit and continue my digging projekt... :)"

  • Ddosedge.png DDoS Edge
  • Diamond.png x8 diamond
  • Iron ingot.png x16 iron ingot
  • Enderpearl.png x4 ender pearl
  • Gapple.png x2 golden apple
  • Cookedsteak.png x16 cooked steak
  • XP orb animation.gif x700 XP

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

"I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and participation during the last couple of days. It came to my attention that the insurmountable latency problems that we've been experiencing on Dragonhollow was not the typical lag, but rather a DDoS attack on the server (Who knew we were that popular!)"

Out-of-universe, the DDoS stood for Distributed Denial-of-Service, a form of cyber warfare in which the attacker attempts to “deny” access to a system or network through the use of large amounts of traffic from many different sources, making it extraordinarily difficult to stop.

The item set was a mea culpa from Acey after Dragonhollow was affected by a serious DDoS attack that rendered the server nearly unplayable, though the fault lay with the company that provided hosting.