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Wojcik: gotta find gold so i can buy horses to try and beat you tox
Tox: Speaking of, got a new horse I think you'll like ;)
Wojcik: oh great
Tox: he's got some pep in his step
Tox mentions Croatoan

Croatoan was a racehorse belonging to Tox during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

He was a buckskin bronco with black spots on his coat and a black forelock and tail. The horse was capable of sprinting at 13 meters per second, making him one of the fastest steeds in the Summerlands.

Though Tox had won the Second Eastbrook Races riding Sandinista, he had only edged out Dolphin's stallion by half a horse. Ever chasing excellence, Tox began a breeding program inside the Tox Box to produce a mount that would rival even The Duke, the legendary racehorse of Ferathmai he'd ridden to victory upon in the First Eastbrook Races and in doing so set every speed record available at Eastbrook Raceway.

To aid in the breeding program, Tox negotiated a deal to buy back Sven from Panda who had stolen him from the Tox Box on 4E:351. Sven then sired hundreds of horses, eventually producing Croatoan with the mare Shithead.

Primary testing was done at Wojcik Castle and during a trip Tox took with Wojcik from the castle to Villam Maris and Wright's Bridge.

Tox hoped to debut Croatoan at the third Woj's Races and the next Eastbrook Races, believing only Wojcik himself riding The Duke could challenge him. However, neither event ever took place because of the violence and bloodshed brought by the Fall of Summer on 4E:412.

In the chaos that followed, Croatoan was killed by explosives that obliterated his stable when Eris incited a lunatic mob to destroy the Tox Box.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Croatoan's name was a reference to the Lost Colony of Roanoke, an early English settlement on Roanoke Island off the coast of present-day North Carolina. In 1590, the settlement's entire population disappeared without a trace, with the only clue a single word carved into a tree: CROATOAN.