Tox: if you're wondering why you have mining fatigue, that's due to my new pet, Crazy Joe Davola
Tox: there he is, in the corner
Jevie: morning Joe
Tox: be careful
Tox: he bites and occasionally lasers
Tox: now when I imprison people in the Tox Box, starvation isn't the only killer
Jevie: hahahah
Jevie meets Joe

Crazy Joe Davola was an elder guardian who served as the personal pet of Tox and warden of the Tox Box during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

He was killed by Gabault during the Fall of Summer.


Jckfrbn was slain by Crazy Joe Davola
Jack: i love that name
Joe's first kill

Crazy Joe Davola was both a prisoner and protector of the Tox Box, a dungeon operated for the amusement of Tox. Joe periodically culled those trapped within and guarded the treasures that his master had accumulated.

As an elder guardian, Joe's primary attack was a deadly laser beam impossible to dodge. He employed a thorns-like defense against those who dared to strike him. In addition, he applied constant mining fatigue to anyone who entered the Tox Box.

Joe was nearly invulnerable to mere mortals, possessing rapid health regeneration that quickly healed his wounds.


HyperSilence: look mox they're friends now
Jckfrbn was slain by Crazy Joe Davola
Tox: Joe's fickle
Jinx: who is crazy joe?!
Tox: he's stuck in the Tox Box
Tox: longtime prisoner
Jinx: what type of mob?
Tox: indeed
Jinx: jack what type of mob is he?
Jack Firebane: my lover has no type, just my love
—Jinx inquires about Joe

He began life as a Fat Fishy defender of the Sea Sphere, a Hyper Dungeon located in the Summerlands. When Tox carried out a raid on the dungeon and drained its waters, he was one of many elder guardians to end up in the ocean below.

On 4E:404, Archpriest HyperSilence transported him to the Tox Box as a reward to Tox for conquering the Sea Sphere, who christened his new pet Crazy Joe Davola.

Tox kept the elder guardian in the lowest reaches of the Tox Box, where he occasionally preyed upon his fellow prisoners. A cow kept in a hidden chamber produced a steady supply of milk allowing Tox to purge himself of the guardian's constant mining fatigue. A redstone switch could shut off the regenerative effects of the Tox Box's beacon, making Joe far more dangerous.

On 4E:405, Tox held a rave in the Tox Box and introduced his guests to Joe. Not all survived the encounter. Jack Firebane formed a symbiotic bond with Joe and lovingly embraced his lasers over the course of a dozen deaths.

Joe was the Tox Box's last line of defense during the Fall of Summer on 4E:412. The entrances were walled-in with obsidian and the elder guardian's wide deployment of mining fatigue prevented would-be raiders and bandits from reaching the interior to loot and destroy.

Nevertheless, Tox guided Gabault through a secret passage near Sprankles' Compound and allowed the deadly warrior to duel Joe mano a mano. From a vantage point at the top of the Tox Box, Gabault tried to kill Joe with flaming arrows from his uberbow, but they had little effect against his superior regeneration and resistance. He then leapt to the bottom, not only surviving the long fall but the laser that struck him as he landed. Gabault then waged a fierce melee battle with Joe over the next five minutes and eventually delivered the death blow with his Sharpness V diamond sword, succeeding where all others before him had failed.

Crazy Joe Davola was remembered by Hyperion in the Sixth Era with their Joe-Flo guardian farm.


Jckfrbn was slain by Crazy Joe Davola
Tox: love hurts
Jack: i like it when it hurts
Tox: it's a good pain
—Jack as a willing victim

The following people fell victim to Joe and died in the Tox Box:

Jackface Jack Firebane
Eliteface El1te
Paulface Paul
Roccoface Rocco
Caryface Cary
Noface Shiny_Jirachi
Noface Gaiarbuba
Noface fire2512


Jinx: i ship it. #Joke
Jinx: Joe+Jack=Joke
Jinx on Jack's relationship with Joe

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Retro: has he tried to assassinate you for sabotaging his script yet?
Tox: oh yes
Tox: while doing it he shouted "SIC SEMPER TOXRANNIS"
—Referencing the name's origin

Crazy Joe Davola is a reference to the Seinfeld character of the same name.

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