Codex A Gray Vigilate was a book that served as a guide to initiates of Greywatch regarding their principles of conduct. It was available to the community at large upon request.

Further information was contained in the codex's appendix, Amendments I.


Eighth Era

Eighth Era—Present


Codex A Gray Vigilate First Edition
Scribed by Lord Commander Lex Raider

The Codex A Gray Vigilate dictates the principles and guidelines for members of Greywatch when interacting with their world and the inhabitants of the world. It must be followed in times of crisis and in times of peace.

This codex is a guideline and certain codes may be violated in specific circumstances under the discretion of the Lord Commander. An acting Lord Commander however does not have the power to judge these circumstances.

The Codex A Gray Vigilate

I. The undead, fiend, and mutant that pose a threat to the innocent must be destroyed at all costs.

II. Protect those who are unable to protect themselves laying down your life if necessary.

III. The bandit, pillager and defiler are only worthy of death.

IV. There is no mercy for the undead, fiend, mutant and bandit if they surrender only the blade of the just can provide penance for their crimes.

V. Those who have arms and armour to protect themselves need not the charity of Greywatch.

VI. Be charitable to those who have lost much. Assist in construction when those in need require it. Soldiers of Greywatch must assist those who suffer losses from death and banditry.

VII. Raise your walls high so that the undead, fiend, mutant and bandit cannot break in. The home of the Greywatch soldier must be impenetrable to those who seek to destroy our organization.

VIII. Honour the rules of the realm. Do not break the rules as it is akin to murder.

IX. Insubordination is punishable by loss of rank or expulsion.

X. We are not soldiers of fortune. While gifts for our services are acceptable and trade is expected we must not be paid for our work.

XI. Duels for honour are acceptable. They assist in training your blade, do not forget this.

XII. Remember your honour, using poisons in combat makes you no better than the mutant. Only use them in cases of dire importance.

XIII. Those not a part of Greywatch need not be pressured into joining for they may be worthy allies or helpful assistance.

XIV. A stout iron blade well enchanted in the hands of a soldier is stronger than one of diamond in the hands of a bandit. Remember this when you take to the field.

XV. Fly the banner of Greywatch in your home and on your person. Our presence must be known.

XVI. Beware the traitor and turncoat do not ever trust their pleas for mercy. Their only salvation is death.

XVII. Breaking these codes will have you forsworn from Greywatch with ill chance of pardon beware the oathbreaker and hold your oaths forevermore.

Codified by the 1st Lord Commander of Greywatch Lex Raider 8th Era New World

Official Ranks and Titles of Greywatch
Lord Commander—Referred to as the Lord Commander
Commander—Referred to as Sir/Ma'am
Paladin—Referred to as Paladin
Knight—Referred to as Ser
Soldier—Referred to as Soldier
Squire—Referred to as Squire
Recruit—Referred to as Recruit
Initiate—Referred to as Initiate

Unofficial Ranks and Titles
Civilian—Anyone outside of Greywatch
Contractor—Someone who assists Greywatch in any manner
Sworn Sword—Someone who assists Greywatch in combat yet not a member

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