Cloud Zephyr soars in the skies above the Summerlands

The Cloud Zephyr was an airship that transported residents to Marshacre Arena during Dragonhollow's Fourth and Seventh Era.


The Cloud Zephyr was held aloft by a large white gasbag and powered by two mighty propellers mounted on stabilizing wings.

Below the quarterdeck was the captain's cabin adorned with colored carpet, bookshelves, a jukebox, and a large table for meeting with ship officers. The cargo hold belowdeck was filled with storage, a workshop, and more importantly provided the class kits for combatants fighting in Marshacre Arena.

It was armed with eight big-bore dispenser cannons that could fire a broadside, four on each side.

Cloud Zephyr was the largest airship in Dragonhollow history.


It was constructed by Nut, Tohbeh, Elite, Applejax, Rolo, Alarrick, Strylan, and Zack early in the Fourth Era. Nut served as its captain.

The dirigible never docked in Summergate or landed anywhere, instead often seen travelling in a holding pattern above the ocean off the coast of West Road. Residents used Marshacre Teleport Scrolls to get aboard.

Upon arriving at Marshacre Arena, the airship stayed airborne, forcing would-be combatants to leap from its cargo hold and drop a hundred meters into a central pond.

The Zephyr also featured a teleportation portal to Summergate on its forecastle. Savvy residents often used the ship as a two-step middleman to reach Summergate due to the far cheaper cost of the Marshacre scrolls compared to Summergate scrolls.

A siamese cat, Pringles, lived out his later days aboard the ship. He originally belonged to Tox, who accidentally brought him along on a trip to Marshacre. Pringles would often perch at the bottom of the stairs to the cargo hold and greet combatants as they prepared to fight in the arena. From time to time, Tox would visit him and tearfully try to persuade him to come home with fish snacks, but Pringles refused.

When Marshacre Arena was again made accessible from Sanctuary and Hammerlea in the Seventh Era by the Hegemon Retro, the airships' destination was the Cloud Zephyr which still hovered over the area. Tox briefly made the zeppelin the entry point for the entire planet for the Marshacre Melee on 7E:116.


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