Lord: Would you be interested in joining the guild? We could use a capable builder
Sprankles: You don't have chrismas as a member, do you?
Lord: No
Sprankles: OK. I think that's about the only person on the server I don't really enjoy.
Sprankles not a big fan

Chrismas8899, also known as ChrismasCookie, was a citizen of Dragonhollow during the Fifth Era.

Long having been accused of witchcraft, she was finally convicted of wicked black magic conjurations with the rest of her Tricky Trio and banished to Tartaros, where they were enslaved by Grim.


Chrismas swears vengeance

Chrismas arrived in Blackbourne on 5E:115 and became a citizen two days later.

She brought with her a sisterhood known as the Tricky Trio, a sinister gaggle of sorceresses. As a member of the Dragon Hunters, she settled with the Tricky Trio in Hunter's Home.

Rumors quickly spread of their vile activities, ranging from necromancy to cannibalism.

Gabault witnessed Jennyjewelsteals flying under her own power, an illicit deed long prohibited by decree from Eris herself. On 5E:163Jrod also spotted her in flight and filed a report with HyperSilence, who quietly began to monitor the activities of the Tricky Trio.

Because some of the Trio belonged to other Dragon Clans, they decided to move to the more inclusive town of Sprankleton. The threesome took over Bjay's former residence, most recently having been occupied by OuttaTime. There they were joined by a fourth lass, Wolfclaw777.

Sprankleton residents reported strange shenanigans in the area. chrismas and her Trio were blatant in their displays of unlawful magic, drawing the distaste of Sprankleton's mayor, Sprankles.

She was killed several times by Jrod.

At some point, they destroyed the Sprankleton Subway line connecting Hunter's Home and Sprankleton to other local points of interest in Pandora.

On 5E:186, HyperSilence completed his investigation after collecting inarguable proof that they had dabbled in unlawful black magic. He dumped everything from their pockets, dropped the claim deeds to their lands, and stashed their ill-gotten gains in public chests for all to enjoy.

chrismas refused to repent for her crimes and freely admitted what she had done, insulting Hyper's inaction and issuing threats of revenge. In response, he obliterated her mortal body and sent her screaming soul to Tartaros.

It was said that she performed as a silly jester in the carrion court of Grim, doing in death what she did in life.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Chrismas was banned for using fly hacks. Even though she knew they'd been detected and reported, her group continued to use the hacks until caught by HyperSilence.

Jrod's report and ban thread

Promises of revenge

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