"I knew Zen had mentioned many bad things about him and Calp but I am absolutely appalled by his actions."
Cary, speaking about HyperSilence

Cary was a veteran and redstone engineer specializing in the design and construction of gold farms.

His arrival in the Second Era came at a time of turmoil at the height of the Steel War. After running afoul of the oppressive Brotherhood of Steel, he accepted an invitation to the remote safe haven of Nutville and became a hard-working contributor to their community, introducing to Dragonhollow a completely new design for a high-yield gold farm in the overworld. Nutville became so enriched through his efforts that the economy of the Swamplands and Woodlands briefly crashed due to the sudden influx of gold ingots.

In the Third Era, Cary entered a partnership with Tox and together they founded Golden Glen, a small walled town in the central savannahs of the Northlands and constructed a gold farm that eventually reached an output of two hundred ingots an hour.

He stayed neutral in the Northham Wars until he was murdered by HyperSilence and Spud in downtown Northham in a deceptive trade ruse, leading Cary to grant their enemy Zen sanctuary in Golden Glen and permit Tox to secretly fund the Justice League's war effort against the Dragonslayers. Cary collaborated with Zen and Tox in the construction of the Withering Heights wither farm that radically changed the balance of power in the Third Era until it was destroyed in a bombing attack by the Dragonslayers.

When Northham Hall was damaged by dark sorcery, Cary accused HyperSilence of being responsible and offered photographic proof, but after an investigation Eris declared that Cary had framed him and was actually the perpetrator. Mortified by what he called a false allegation and astonished by the deceit and depravity of the Dragonslayers, Cary bequeathed all of his holdings to Tox and the Northham Preservation Society and went into exile.

He returned in the last days of the Fourth Era to find that most of his engineering methods for gold farms had been outlawed by Eris. After Tox brokered a peace between him and old rival HyperSilence, Cary entered into a discreet alliance with Hyperion and created one of only two beacons to exist in the Badlands.

Wary of the bloodsheld sweeping across the land in the Fifth Era and wishing to distance himself from the Merry Men-Hyperion war, Cary became a quiet hermit and established an underground bunker in the remote regions of Pandora.


"I had fun building with you guys. Thanks for helping me out with the gold farm! Take good care of it and best of luck to you in your future builds!"
Cary bids farewell to Tox and Zen

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