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Jinx: carl is dead
Tox: hahaha
HyperSilence: rip
Jinx announces she has killed Carl during the Fall of Summergate

Carl, known as Dinnerbone later in life, was a racehorse owned by Trancesk8er during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

He was a brown colt with white spots and a blonde tail and forelock.

Dolphin chose to ride him under the name Dinnerbone in the Second Eastbrook Races and took an extremely close second place, just six hundredths of a second off of winner Sandinista. Strangely enough, the horse ran the race while upside down with no apparent effect on his performance.

Trancesk8er later bequeathed much of his belongings to Jinx, who also inherited his horses including Carl. He was one of the potential racehorses she planned to ride in the Third Eastbrook Races.

During the Fall of Summergate, he was blown to bits with dynamite placed by his then-owner, Jinx.