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Lex: Thanks for the axe jrod
FlyingPokemon: Jrod, after due deliberation, we have decided that if thy wants to retrieve thy axe, you will have to come and claim it along with our heads
Jrod: That axe was just a cute toy
Lex loots the Bountiful Axe from Jrod

The Bountiful Axe was a diamond axe on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was one of the possible rewards for first place on the monthly voting leaderboard.

The Bountiful Axe—said to be forged from stardust—maximized the amount of loot dropped by all mobs whether friendly or hostile. This property could not be enchanted to an axe by mere mortals.

Enterprising individuals could use the axe's versatility as a platform for more specific tasks, turning into a war cleaver with an increased chance of beheading its victims for trophy collection or designing a utility chopper by adding Fortune for the best of both loot worlds.

HyperSilence suggested that the Bountiful Axe could also be obtained as a future prize in the Halfast Survivor as well as treasure received from slaying ender dragons and raiding Hyper Dungeons.


Lex Raider forcibly removes unwelcome visitors - HalfastMC

Tox was the first to own the Bountiful Axe but he immediately traded it to Jrod in exchange for assistance with the Dragonomicon. After turning it into a proper war axe with some extra enchantments, Jrod recorded 21 kills with the weapon. Greywatch ended his rampage by cornering and defeating him inside the storage warehouse at Castle Skywatch at which point the Bountiful Axe fell into the hands of the faction's Lord Commander, Lex.

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