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A wide variety of books appeared in Dragonhollow.

The various collection of books varied from explanatory guides to letters, notes, and journals that helped residents become more familiar with the culture, people, and history of the planet.

List of Books

The following is an incomplete list of books. This list does not include lesser titles such as personal notes and minor communications between residents.

Title Author Subject
8 Shades of Acey, Vol. I Fluffy Ferret A banned book about the lurid and depraved sexual tastes of Acey
8 Shades of Acey, Vol. II Fluffy Ferret The sequel, recounting even more vulgar obscenities involving Acey
8 Shades of Acey, Vol. III Fluffy Ferret Unreleased stunning conclusion to the erotic series
10K Journey Chris McClellan A trio sets out for the lost city of Snowcrest
An Adventure of a Lifetime Bjayzzz A journey to find the lost city of Snowcrest
A Clockwork Diamond Mental Clockwork The personal journal of a recent arrival in the Summerlands
A Poem Jinx A poem for Retro
A Poem to Terry Lex A warning for Terry on behalf of Greywatch
A Note Lex A letter of condolence to Eternal Chaos
ABCDH Tox 26 citizens of Dragonhollow for each letter of the alphabet
About Elite Status Acey Everything residents needed to know about Elite Status and the Elite Control Panel
About Hearthstones Acey A guide to the Hearthstone
Acey's Fan Mail Matto A letter of admiration for Acey
Adieu, Hopalong Ozven An obituary for Smitten's horse Hopalong Cassidy
Advance Claims Guide Acey A follow-up to the Basic Claims Guide diving deeper into the subject
Amendments I Lex An appendix to Codex A Grey Vigilate concerning the inner-workings of Greywatch
Amendments II Lex An appendix to Codex A Grey Vigilate regarding additional obligations and heresies
A Rather Late Arrival Acey An account of Grim's return in the Third Era
Ardor & Triumph Tater Brief summary of Tater's arrival in Snowcrest.
Arm of Zeus, Shard of Olympus Sprankles A description of two very unique weapons
A Star is Born Jinx A tale of terror at nightfall
A Threat Approaches Jack Firebane A warning regarding the coming First Bloodmoon
Bacon of Hope Panda A creation story that speaks of the origins of Acey and many natives
Baltimore Unburnt Unknown The story of Baltimore rising from its own ashes
Bankruptcy Acey A set of instructions on filing for bankruptcy
Basic Claims Guide Acey A guide explaining Dragonhollow's claims system
BATMAN Jack Firebane The delusional ramblings of an Archpriest of Eris
Belligerent Thongs Azureila A short story about an angry pair of anthropomorphic undies
Book of Dirt Tox A compendium of kompromat
Booty! Bellicose Bill From the captain's log of the notorious pirate Bellicose Bill
Blinded Mando An author's humble self-awareness
Bloodmoon Come Tox A brief poem on the dangers of the Bloodmoon.
Bloodmoon Journal Unknown Pages from a mysterious journal warning of an impending danger
Broken Blade MaccaMan A history of Ebon's Blade tower
Cassandra's Thoughts Cassandra A diary demonstrating Cassandra's slow descent into madness in her search for Tortuga
Chat Guide Acey A communications reference manual
Chronicles of Dragonhollow Alarrick An unfinished history of Dragonhollow from its Loremaster
Citizenship Acey A guide to becoming a citizen and the benefits to doing so
Claim Protections Acey An explanation of what outsiders could access inside a claim
Claims Guide Tox, Acey Instructions for using the golden shovel and managing property
Clans Guide Acey A guide to the Dragon Clans and their gates
Codex A Gray Vigilate Lex The code of conduct for Greywatch
Crushing Hope Tox A warning against having too much hope in Dragonhollow
Cupid's Story Alarrick A Valentine's tale
Da Elite Guide Azureila How to acquire and use Elite Status
Da Ghost Guide Azureila A primer on being a ghost
Death of Print Print The tragic fate of Print during the Search for Snowcrest
Death of Print Vol. II Print How Summergate Survivor was lost due to a misunderstanding
Diary of AJ AJ A single entry from AJ's diary
DICKBUTT Azureila Scholarly examination of dicks, butts, and their enjoining
Dolphin's Rape Panda A disturbing narrative of Dolphin's encounter with Mason
Downfall Alarrick A retelling of the First Bloodmoon that destroyed Lakeview Village, set during a party hosted by Ebonblade
Dragonhollow Newsletter Tohbeh An informative newsletter published during the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Eras
Dragonhollow Recap Tohbeh A Fourth Era current events publication
Dragonrider Doctrine Tox Clan guide for the Dragon Riders
Dragonslay Tox The history of the Northham Wars
Ebon Petition Acey A solicitation for votes in the Wizard Joker Referendum
Elite Status Guide Tox, Acey Information regarding Elite Status
Elite x Seudo Panda A love story that crossed the stars
Everfroze: Or How the Heck Tox Found Snowcrest Tox A comedic take on Tox's search for Snowcrest
Family Jewels 0uttaTime A gentleman's formal bequeathing of his most prized possessions
Fear Caleb AJ faces his greatest fear
Final Flight Tox A recounting of an ancient prophecy regarding dragons and the end of Dragonhollow
For the Finder JCeetra A congratulatory farewell to a future explorer
FoxWings' Journal FoxWings A lengthy diary recounting the experiences of a new arrival to the Swamplands
Funny Jokes Gabault A joke book gifted to Alec for the Pandora Secret Santa
Gentleman's Wager Tohbeh Terms for a wager between Tohbeh and Dewillen in the Third Era
Gerald's Notes Gerald A request from Gerald to the rest of Greywatch
Gerald's Request Gerald A request from Gerald of Salmonwatch
Gloombringer's Grimoire Tox A description of events leading up to the Wyvern Wars, the war itself and the aftermath.
Go Fetch Sharkberries A comic retelling of Shark and Boo's search for wolves
Grand Central Guide Jinx, Tox A handbook for Grand Central Station
Grim's Game Alarrick A chilling look into Grim's true purpose
GSS Invictus Log Evan An account of Greywatch's journey from the fall of Dragonhollow to their arrival on Halfast
Half a Hollow Tox A poem about the loss of Dragonhollow and the advent of Halfast
Halfast Survival Guide Tox A compendium of knowledge relating to Halfast
Hammerlands Survival Guide Tox, Acey A manual for life in the Hammerlands
Hammerlea Guide Tox A tourist's pocket guide to Hammerlea
Having A Cow Ozven AJ attempts to breed a cow
Hedge Maze Guide Matto A strategy guide for completing the First Hedge Maze
Hipster HyperSilence A boast about the Search for Snowcrest
Holy Canyon Text Tater The record of a righteous odyssey
Hot-Headed Sharkberries A comic explaining how Shark and Boo's skull wall came into being
How to Claim Land BigScary A bare bones guide to claiming land
How to Clam LAN Panda A humorous guide to claiming land with the golden shovel
HULP Zerg, Tox The treaty text for the Pact of Ice and Fire
I Babble, I Am FlyingPokemon Collected words of wisdom
I Bash My Head Dolphin A case study in brain damage
Ice City Found TurtleShell A short story regarding the Search for Snowcrest
Iliad II: Redstone Boogaloo Tox A satirical retelling of the Northham Wars
Immortal Words Panda The humble words of a shepherd to his flock
Imprisoned Brookcastle Inmates A collection of messages from the inmates of Brookcastle Prison
In Thine Purple Eye Tox An origin story for the Enderman
Jack the Dummy The Raging Gamer A critical screed against Jack Firebane
Joe the Bunny The Raging Gamer A rather dark vignette about a rabbit
Joining Jevie BurningAmbers A record of a newly arrived resident of Jevie Town
Lakeview Lost Tox A dramatic account of the First Bloodmoon and the subsequent destruction of Lakeview Village
Lakeview's Trunk Alarrick A collection of the rumors surrounding the reappearance of the Old Oak's broken trunk in Redwood Gardens
Leef Vrij Tox The record of deeds and history of the Dragonhollow Motorcycle Club
Legentater Bjayzzz A peculiar backstory for Tater
Lest Ye Be Judged Acey A court summons for Brookcastle Prison sentencing
Lisa's Recommendation Lisa Tips for Brookcastle Prison inmates
Maaz and the Maze Tox A tale of Maaz's first attempt to complete the Hedge Maze
Man Behind the Mask Rolo An ominous tale about a mysterious man
Marshacre Guide HyperSilence A guide to Marshacre Arena
Maze and Parkour Advice Terry A guide to the mazes and parkours of Dragonhollow
Mini-Games Alarrick A tourist's guide to the fun that awaited them at the Fairgrounds
My Legacy Homu Homu Instructions on how to complete a quest to find the Burrow and revive Homu Homu
Naked and Afraid Tox A retelling of the First Bearcote Expedition
New Beginnings Zen A brief recap on the end of Hallowmere and the journey to Hammerlea
Northham Gazette Tohbeh A weekly Third Era newsletter
Old and Mankey MrPambo A poem gift for the Pandora Secret Santa
Old Gods Sharkberries A visual origin story for Dragonhollow
On the Edge of Night Nut A recounting of weapon lore in Nuttesh
Opium Jinx A theory regarding the identity of Tox's mysterious poppy benefector
Pain Olympics Panda An entry regarding excruciating gladiator games
Parkours Acey A summary of the Parkours available in the Fifth Era
Parkour Guide Tox, Acey A strategy guide for the Parkours and Mazes
Pawsitively Purrsuasive Sly Cat A collection of hints and tips, many of which are lies
Player Shop Guide Tox A manual explaining the mechanics behind the Hammerlea Market
Poemtry HyperSilence A concise poem about the confounding mysteries of the universe
Potion Recipes Flying Pokemon An alchemical notebook regarding ingredients
Print's Proposal Print The story of how Print proposed marriage to Turtle
Proclamation of Peace Wasdoog A bulletin announcement from the Brotherhood of Steel
Promotion Lex A letter granting Getz a higher rank in Greywatch
PVP Mechanics Acey A guide to combat between residents
Raided Jinx A notice regarding the raid and griefing of Crimson Chapel
Random Hope Smitten An uplifting chain letter
Reflection Tox A fictional account of the last battle of the Northham Wars centered around Ozven
Requiescat Tox Personalized eulogies for those buried in Summergate Sematary
Resistance? Panda A veteran's take on Acey
Road Request Sprankes, Tox A correspondence regarding Swampian Lane
Remembering Gimpley Tox An obituary for Gimpley
Rules and Guidelines Acey A list of Dragonhollow's rules during the Fifth Era
Samuel's Parole Acey The parole agreement between Eris and Samuel Bobby
Satisfy Me Azureila A tale of shipwreck and satisfaction
Secret Santa Tox Information on the Pandora Secret Santa
SC Journal TechStomper A day-by-day recitation of one man's Search for Snowcrest
Shhhhh Acey A visual companion to DICKBUTT
SHOCKER 0uttaTime A intellectual dissertation by a man of culture
Shopkeepers Acey A guide to the vendors at Blackbourne Harbour
Snowcrest Found Linuc A recap of Linuc's experiences during the Search for Snowcrest
Snowcrest Party! Sprankles The account of four explorers and their hunt for Snowcrest
Sorry Jinx A personal apology for a series of robberies
SPREAD THE WORD Sensei A grassroots political campaign to expel Wiz from Dragonhollow
Stuffs Back PLZ Jrod A plea for the prompt return of stolen goods
Surprise! Rolo A note regarding a special gift for Nut
Survival Guide Acey A handbook on living in Dragonhollow
Tale of the Dragonslayers Rolo A record of early encounters with the dreaded Dragonslayers
Teleport Scrolls Guide Acey A guide to Teleport Scrolls
Terry Tales Tox A series of humorous anecdotes about Terry
The Ballad of Ed Caleb A young man's journey to escape the tyranny of AJ
The Book of Benly Tox The sacred text of the Order of Benly
The Founding of Quincine Alarrick A retrospective on the creation of frozen Quincine
The Future War of Northham E1ite Regarding HyperSilence's efforts to rescue Calp0l from the Underworld
The Leader's Etiquette Pi A treatise on the finer points of leadership
The Long Road Trancesk8er A story in one sentence
The Mail Basics MaccaMan A guide to the Summergate Post Office
The Old and the New E1ite A mythology regarding past, present, and future lands
The Perils of Pilgrimage Retro The story of Retro's long journey to Snowcrest
The POV of Yb_ot Tohbeh An autobiographical account of Tohbeh's experiences during the Third Era
The Smitten That Saved Christmas Tox A companion to Alarrick's The Smitten Who Stole Christmas but sympathetic to its villain
The Smitten That Stole Christmas Alarrick A fictional tale about a kitten who conspires to ruin the holidays in Swampwater
The Starsgream Strategy Tox A survival guide describing the methods of legendary survivalist Starsgream
The Story of the Blood Moon Alarrick A retelling of the First Bloodmoon
The Tale of Jpizzle Rolo An account of the corruption and fall of Jpizzle
The Underground Sly Cat A purported guide to finding the Black Market
They Are What They Eat Tox Speculation regarding the Ender Trinity
This Will Suffice Scylfings A telling of the Scylfings naval expedition that settled Myrkviðr
'Til Death Molden A diary detailing an adventurer's experiences in Halfast
Tim's Adventure Pancake His experiences during the Search for Snowcrest
Through the Eyes of My Enemy Terry A story of a miner's revelation while under siege in his own home
Top Survivor Tox A guide to the Halfast Survivor competition
Top Survivors Acey A guide to the Pandora Survivor competition
Travels Dolphin A charming yarn about a lengthy expedition to Snowcrest
Treaty of Unity Tox The treaty between The Fabled and the Justice League forming Unity
Trouble at Storm Song Scorch A Greywatch report on the investigation into disappearances at Storm Song
Valentines Boo, Shark Messages written to Summerlands residents for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Poem Rolo A geeky memetic poem to the citizens of the Swamplands
Vanquishing the Void Tox An account regarding the Ender Trinity's defeat
Ventures of Zane Uloth Zane Uloth A creative citizenship application
Veteranship Acey How to become a veteran and the benefits to doing so
Warlore Many A collection of Northham Wars lore from various POVs
Welcome to Nico's! Nico A guide to Nico's Interior Design
What is Beauty? Nut Reminder of one's true face
When Pigs Fly Tox A advertisement for Woj's Races
Who's Asking? HyperSilence An introspective piece about the future of Halfast
Word Play Ozven A joke book gifted to Smitten for the Swampwater Secret Santa
X-Ray Azureila Information on using dark sorcery to see through walls
YASSS BITCH Master A love letter to Dolphin