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Bludgeon was a warhammer forged and wielded by the goddess of war Bellona.

She carried it during the Wyvern Wars and many dragons died to its blows. It was said to be so mighty that a single strike from the hammer would be enough to shatter Dragonhollow itself, though this was fantastic hyperbole given poetic license.

Bludgeon was unsually strong so as to be nigh indestructible and one of the deadliest melee weapons in known history.

On 4E:370, the adventurers who defeated the Ender Trinity discovered Bludgeon in the underbelly of a dragon that bore Bellona's name, perhaps suggesting that the dragon ate her and later took her name in triumph.

Panda wielded the weapon for the rest of the Fourth Era and was presumably destroyed in the Fall of Summergate. However, at some point it was safely stored in Hyperion which survived the destruction of the Summerlands. It was later put aside by Eris with the intention of displaying it as an exhibit at the Summergate Museum in Sanctuary, but the project was eventually cancelled. Because Sanctuary itself survived the catastrophic opening of Pandora's Box on 5E:319, it is possible that Bludgeon existed in later eras.



A weapon wielded by Bellona, the Goddess of War. Slamming this hammer against the planet would shatter it to pieces.

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Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Bludgeon is a reference to an attack by the Smite character Bellona, which involves a hammer.

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