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"it was ok...i guess...it lacked creativity and flair i struggled it as it didnt roll off the tongue. not worth it imo"
Paul's review

Bloodmoon Come was a poem authored by Tox following a terrifying vision given to him by Eris of the Bloodmoon, an apocalyptic time when Dragonhollow's moon would bleed red and bring ruin upon everything it gazed upon.

The book proved prophetic when the First Bloodmoon destroyed Lakeview and most of its citizens on 1:68.


First Era

Second Era

  • Woodlands Museum

Fourth Era

  • Tox's Tomes

Fourth Era—Present

  • Memoriam on Mnemosyne

Eighth Era


Sinking low and fading fast,
a falling star echoes time past.
Little notion this will be their last,
now that day is done and Bloodmoon come.

A false dawn in crimson glow,
o'er towns hall and rabbits hole.
Full of discord Her bell begins to toll,
now that day is done and Bloodmoon come.

Rising hard and gleaming cursed,
where gibbous Luna last rehearsed.
Its bloodshot stare a boil 'bout to burst,
now that day is done and Bloodmoon come.

They feel their whimsy dim to dread,
as the hollow sends forth its dead.
This eldritch night yields to no bed,
now that day is done and Bloodmoon come.

Now they know the end is nigh,
caught beneath Grim's callous eye.
Under siege and doomed to die,
now that day is done and Bloodmoon come.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

AJ: this is so fucking good
Tox: :D
AJ: i just shit my pants
AJ: its that good
Tox: fantastic
AJ: jesus christ this is so cool
AJ: do you want this back?
Tox: nah I made a bunch
AJ: if not i kinda wanna keep it
AJ: noice
Tox: gonna put a few of them around spawn
Acey: Nice!!
Acey: ZoMG!! Tox doing my work for me! it's awesomeee
Tox publishes Bloodmoon Come

Bloodmoon Come was written by Tox in order to build hype for the upcoming Bloodmoon event, serving as a counterpart for Acey's own Bloodmoon Journal.