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"Welcome to the BADLANDS."

The Badlands was a region of Dragonhollow that rose to prominence for a short time at the end of the Fourth Era.


Retro: any wood around here?
Tox: bend over and I'll show ya
Retro: :|
Retro can't get wood

The Badlands were just one square kilometer in surface area bordered by a mysterious shimmering blue wall that could be seen through but not breached, above ground or below, within the overworld or in the depths of the fiery Nether.

A desolate place of dry desert and craggy windswept mountains, the Badlands were one of the harshest environments on the planet. Old veterans of the Northham Wars were reminded of the bleak landscapes that characterized the Northlands.

There existed no swamps, plains, mesas, forests, jungle, or ocean. The only sources of timber were several copses of acacia trees in Green Corner and the alpine groves of spruce of the Rim and atop the western mountain range.


Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

After the Summerlands were devastated in the aftermath of the Black Claim Crisis and the Fall of Summer, a number of people were lured to the Badlands by the whispers of Eris in the last days of the Fourth Era.

Some sought adventure and the excitement of starting freshly anew. Some came for the promise of new lands to conquer and wars to wage. Others hoped to emerge victorious in the Badlands Survivor competition that promised rewards for the coming Fifth Era. But most simply had nowhere else to go after their homes were annihilated.

Bad Landing, the capital of the Badlands

Airships unloaded travellers in Bad Landing on 4E:417 and then left, stranding them in the Badlands until further notice with nothing but their Starter Kit.

Residents were surprised to find that many of the protections and powers graciously granted by Eris earlier in the Fourth Era were no longer in effect: teleport scrolls could not be crafted, there was no Elite control panel, residents could be slain on their own property, and outsiders could manipulate any button, switch, door, or plate they encountered regardless of where it was. Older veterans who remembered a time prior to the unusual safety of Summerlands were better equiped to handle such difficulties.

The architecture of the Badlands reflected the lack of resources and hazardous surroundings, resulting in a hodgepodge of sandstone boxes, gigantic stone walls, and hastily erected hovels.

The border restricted the movements of residents and forced them into close proximity with each other. Inevitably, along with the dearth of natural resources, the cramped population density led to rising tensions. These hardships combined with others to cultivate an atmosphere of paranoia and fear, straining relations with neighbors and creating opportunities for those willing to pursue them. Banditry and murder drove many deep underground and small-scale warfare broke out in minor flashpoints around the Badlands. The culture that arose existed in stark contrast with the unprecedented peace and tranquility that existed in the Summerlands. Tensions were raised to the breaking point.

Hyperion, the wealthiest faction in the Badlands

On 4E:418, HyperSilence formed Hyperion. They quickly emerged as a powerful faction, becoming the first to establish a brewery and acquire a beacon. Because it was the only place in the Badlands to provide regenerative health, Hyperion's massive walled fortress of Stony Sands became the center of a community called the Rim.

As a direct challenge to their explosive growth, the Merry Men attacked Hyperion on 4E:419 and laid seige to Stony Stands, marking the genesis of a war that would rage deep into the Fifth Era.

With assistance from Eris, Jack Firebane discovered the Skeleton Den on 4E:423, leading Tox, Nut, and Rocco on a hunt for Dragonhollow's first elytra.

Despite being caught using illegal sorcery to cheat the standings, HyperSilence was announced as the winner of the Badlands Survivor competition.

On 4E:425, the floating island of Sanctuary appeared above Bad Landing and began evacuating residents to the far more appealing expanse of Pandora. Afterwards, the Badlands were abandoned forever.

Points of Interest

Picture Place Architect Notes
2019-12-08 21.06.50.png Bad Landing Eris Capital of the Badlands
2016-05-01 19.49.06.png Prosperity Jinx, Paul, and others An impovershed desert town
2019-12-16 02.12.14.png Hatchery Zerg Production center for Hyperion
2017-08-26 20.51.18.png The Rim Many Northeastern highlands community
2019-12-16 01.38.03.png Cozy Cottage Terry A small spruce lodge
2016-04-22 17.36.56.png Skeleton Den Eris A Hyper Dungeon
2019-12-08 21.10.24.png 36 Desert Sprankles A walled villa
2017-08-11 22.15.59.png Green Corner Wojcik, Jevie, BurgerDaddy A savanna hamlet
2016-05-01 21.27.55.png Stony Sands HyperSilence, Zerg, Tox Fortress of Hyperion
2017-08-11 22.46.47.png Bitterbreeze Nut An estate amid snowy peaks
2019-12-08 21.10.24.png Cary's Crawlspace Cary An underground


Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

The Badlands is a temporary map that will be implemented very very soon and will be operating in Minecraft's version 1.9. Why? Because Acey needs to build some of DH Battlefield's mechanics in 1.9 as oppose to 1.8. So instead of keeping DH in maintenance mode even longer, I thought we can all play a little game! ... and by we, I mean you. I will continue to build the server in the background :)
Acey informs her community about the Badlands

The Badlands was a temporary map provided by Acey in between the Summerlands and Pandora as an optional transition to both new Minecraft features and changes to Dragonhollow mechanics coming to the next map. It introduced players to Minecraft 1.9 and as such was the first to include the new PvP attack cooldowns, shields, skeleton horses and their riders, and the elytra.

Players could access the Nether but not the End because there were no strongholds inside the 1 kilometer world border.

The Badlands also served as an introduction to new mechanics implemented for the next map, which allowed PvP in claims and changed Grief Prevention permissions so that untrusted individuals could use fence gates, trapdoors, buttons, and doors.

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