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Ardor & Triumph was a book written by Tater, detailing his efforts to reach the lost city of Snowcrest.

The title was sarcastic and the text comedic because while many other adventurers were forced to trek over ten kilometers and find the city through their own wits, Tater was able to simply teleport directly there.


Fourth Era

  • Snowcrest Town Hall

Fourth Era—Present

  • Memoriam on Mnemosyne

Eighth Era


The journey here to Snowcrest was a very arduous task. First, talking to JCK (aka engi) I received the sacred scroll of Snowcrest in return for mercy.

Then, very carefully, I performed the ancient ritual sending me to Snowcrest, where I was whisked up into the air, knocked out, and woke up in a snowy town located 10000 blocks away.

I am now abandoned here...someone save me.