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Sprankles151 was slain by HyperSilence using [Anal Bleeder]
MaccaMan: lol
Tox: RIP
Azureila: omg wat
Jack Firebane: should have just named it anal bleeding
Jack Firebane: you kil people with anal bleeding
Azureila: I think the sword's meant to be the one causing the anal bleeding, lol
Azureila: It is the Anal Bleeder, it bleeds the anuses
HyperSilence: oh yes
—A scholarly discussion of the Anal Bleeder

Anal Bleeder was a diamond sword of Dragonhollow's Third Era.

The blade was carried by HyperSilence as his close-combat weapon of choice during the Northham Wars. Though not as powerful as Skill/Hacks, it was an excellent first-strike weapon perfect for ambushes and delivering additional fall and fire damage, as well as severing heads so that they could displayed within the Dragonslayers' Hall of Shame.

When Cary was entrapped inside the HyperSpire's shop, HyperSilence used Anal Bleeder to kill him, instigating a feud which would lead to the Northham Hall Incident.

After their faction leader Calp0l was banished and the Dragonslayers temporarily fell into disarray, their claim deed at Bordertown expired and was subsequently raided by the forces of Golden Glen. Cary discovered Anal Bleeder in a chest there and took it back home, kept in a special chest reserved for emergencies. It was nearly lost when he died using it to try to recover his lost items in the Nether, but a narrow rescue attempt and team effort from Tox led to its recovery.

Tox moved the sword to the secure bunker Deep Thought following Cary's departure into self-imposed exile.

When Tycar used a tunnel in the basement of his Krispy Kreme to breach the defenses of Underhang, Tox beheaded him with Anal Bleeder and mounted his skull as a battle trophy.


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