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"Eris has sent her agents to distribute explosive force in the land..."
—Community news bulletin

The Agents of Eris were a secret society of Eris worshippers fanatically loyal to their goddess.


They appeared to be androgynous clones wearing blue tunics and some type of straw hat upon their heads, perhaps even bird nests.

Their emotionless stares were empty enough to creep out even the most hardened Dragonhollow veterans.


Their activities before the Fifth Era are unknown, but it is believed they are an ancient organization that predates the First Era.

As Claciusvile was commonly considered the first mortal to step foot upon the surface of Dragonhollow and the Priesthood's own sermons indicate Eris only permitted humans to enjoy her world because she was bored and looking for amusement, this would seem to suggest the possibility that despite their appearance the agents were neither mortal nor human.

Eris inside Pandora's Box.

On 5E:319, the Agents of Eris arrived in Sanctuary, coinciding with the appearance of Pandora's Box. These sinister operatives were said to be serving the inexorable will of their goddess, but little was known about their nature or why they had emerged unnannounced. Some interpreted this as a lack of faith in her Priesthood or displeasure with her Archpriest HyperSilence.

Two agents staffed a kiosk above Sanctuary Cafe near the airship.

They acted as agent provocateurs, selling vast quantities of cheap explosives to anyone who approached. They encouraged these residents to revert to their baser instincts: to loot, pillage, rape, and murder to their heart's content, assuring them that there would be absolutely no consequences.

Eris then gave them the order to open Pandora's Box, which they carried out unflinchingly. After their work was done, they disappeared as quickly as they had shown up, taking Pandora's Box with them.