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This article is about the Dragonhollow shield. You may be looking for the Aegis Breastplate, a piece of armor found on Halfast.

"I was either thinking of the aegis or the spooner, but i wasn't sure which one i'd be able to afford, even with prices dropped."
Dap considers buying the Aegis

Aegis was a shield purchased in the Token Undergrounds.

Constructed from extraordinarily resistant materials, Aegis was nearly unbreakable in combat. Because the Unbreaking enchantment only reduced the statistical odds of suffering a loss of durability, the shield still acquired damage and would theoretically requir repairs over a long enough timescale. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of users, Aegis was the only shield they would ever need.

Like all shields, a custom pattern of the user's choice could be applied to the front.

Aegis could not be crafted nor found anywhere in nature. It was sold for 100 tokens in the Black Market during Dragonhollow's Fifth Era. The shield was also available for purchase at Tortuga for 500 tokens in the Seventh Era, though this price was later reduced to 250 and finally 50 as part of a going-out-of-business sale that preceded the planet's demise due to Nyx.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Aegis is a reference to the aegis of Greek mythology, a device carried by both Zeus and Athena and most often interpreted as a shield or piece of armor.

The lore is a quote from the Greek philosopher Plutarch, said to be stated by Spartans to their sons on the eve of war. Because the Spartan shield wall protected their fellow soldiers it was considered a great dishonorable to come back without them; therefore, mothers reminded them to return to Sparta with their shield (alive) or on it (carrying their dead body).

Aegis was created by HyperSilence, with the name and lore created by Tox.

HyperSilence would later create the Aegis Breastplate as a WeekEnd reward for Halfast.

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